Best Dog Food For Allergies

Best Dog Food For AllergiesIf you sense that your dog has an abrupt change in behavior, it might be his not feeling well. Especially when he’s got skin irritation, you should check first if it is from a food allergy. To save you from a trip to the veterinarian, here are a couple of steps in confirming if your pooch really has allergy and what can you do about it.

Confirm if it really is skin allergy. Common symptoms of food allergies are skin irritation, minor hair loss, excessive itching, hot spots, loose stool and frequent vomiting. If your dog has most of these, it’s most likely he has food allergy. The solution: switch his dog food and don’t feed him human food for at least a week.

Skin irritation is also a symptom of bacteria allergy. If he develops red blotches, skin markings or pus pockets, it is time to give him a cool bath with a flea shampoo. For ringworms, treating it with a specially formulated medicine would be the best option. Consult the veterinarian if none of the symptoms are resolved within 24 to 48 hours.

Your dog might also be allergic to chemicals at home. If he keeps on rubbing his nose, he might have contracted allergy. Be mindful of the chemicals you use at home to make sure your dog’s living in a safe environment.

Check what’s on his dog food. Identify what are the ingredients of the food you give your dog. Common food allergies are caused by meat, egg, grains and other additive in commercial dog food. The best dog food for allergies is the one containing beef, poultry, corn and soy. Try to prepare special dog food to replace canned food. A lot of dog food recipes are available on line. Never settle for cheap dog food since it will give you cheap and inedible ingredients. They would often use the worst grains, lots of fillers, unnatural flavorings and preservatives. Also, see if one of your visitors slipped something to him. You’ll never know that he might be allergic to human food.

Isolate each dog food ingredient. Dog food are usually made of beef, poultry, corn, soy, dairy products, fish or a combination of any of the given ingredient. Try feeding him without one of the ingredients mentioned. By trying each of the food types one at a time, you could pin point which is he allergic to. Feed your dog for one full day and if you see that the scratching becomes less or the vomiting controlled, you have identified what causes your pet to be sick.

It’s a bit difficult to isolate what causes food allergy to your dog, but as long as he’s not getting worse, do continue. It will definitely save you a trip to his veterinarian.

Just keep on feeding him with different combinations of dog food until he starts clearing up and you discover the best dog food for allergies. He might enjoy the variety of food you are feeding him.

If the scratching becomes less and less or he’s back on his old happy self, them you found what makes him sick. And now you know, make sure to avoid these and remind your guests not to feed him any.

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